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Idebenone Cushion is in the collection of make up products, helping you have a perfect class every time you go to events or parties. Water chalk, smooth cream, fast absorbent properties, mild aroma, cool man.

Ingredients :

-         Idebenone : Strong anti-aging agent, similar to Coenzyme Q10. Help fill tiny creases, prevent the formation of free radicals

-         Zinc oxide : Creates a protective layer of skin with SPF 37, which helps smooth and anti-effectiveness skin

-         Niacinamide : Vitamin B3 derivative, natural, safe and benign extract. Stimulates natural Caeramide *production , enhances skin protection, helps moisturize, improves skin function barrier, helps skin health and smoothness

 ( Ceramide is a lipid molecule found in high concentrations of cell membranes. In the top layer of the skin, ceramides bind skin cells together, forming a protective layer for the skin and moisturizing the skin. )

Not only for girls with perfect foundation cream, blemishes blemishes ... but also helps nourish skin, anti-aging, protect skin from sun damage.

In particular, the same type of cushion as other products, but Idebenone Cushion for higher aesthetic effect, not greasy and whitish, very good color to the skin.

Idebenone Cushion - Luxury and class

Ultra V Cushion

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